Rainy Day Baking

What is better on a grey and cloudy day than to turn on the oven and open a favourite cookbook? That was on my agenda today, along with laundry, since the cool, windy and wet weather was not condusive to outdoor fun. I decided to revisit a fav, which is The Good Cookie by Tish Boyle. I have yet to make a recipe out of this book that isn’t a complete and utter hit. Today was no exception. I decided to try something new. The recipe is for chocolate marble chunk cookies. You make a dough, then take out half.

Then to the other half, you add some cocoa.

To each half, some chopped pecans and coarsly chopped dark chocolate. My cousin Maggie had recently brought me lots of great dark chocolate from Montreal when she visited, and this seemed like a wonderful way to enjoy some of it, so in it went. The next step was to take a teaspoon of the light, a teaspoon of the dark and roll them together.

Then pop them in the oven for about 8 or so minutes, and voila! Delicious!

If you are looking for a great cookbook with cookie recipes that will delight your family and dazzle your friends, I can’t recommend this cookbook enough. Mine has the hallmarks of a well loved and well used cookbook: crumpled and dough stained pages. And children’s artwork marking some favourite recipes. She describes techniques, has a list of speciality suppliers, and the whole book is extremely well organized. It’s got beautiful simple cookies, as well as the more time consuming but elegant recipes.

As well, I made some French bread, brushed with butter before I put it in. Darkens the crust, but it’s beautiful and soft and yummy. I made two loaves, but the kids found one cooling on the rack, and now I only have one. I consider that a successful afternoon in the kitchen. Now, a cup of tea, a basket of laundry to fold and a new book. That’s a good way to spend a Sunday.


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